1022 Queries Mash-up

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Have you heard of flashback or clip shows? It’s when the writers and producers don’t create a new episode from scratch. Instead, they just mash-up old content. Don’t you hate them? Yeah, about that.

I didn’t have much time to work on my blog lately. Instead, I’ve been busy writing the sequel to my yet unpublished and unagented first novel. Publishing is a slow business, and I’m still at least a year away from getting anything out there. Yet, the story must go on.

Meanwhile, I’m combining the analysis of the first five agents below:

Q&P Episode 1: Agent X
Q&P Episode 2: Agent Y
Q&P Episode 3: Agent Z
Q&P Episode 5: Agent W
Q&P Episode 6: Agent V

(Episode 4 is a Science Fiction Special and it doesn’t apply here since it’s an horizontal cut of the data. Or vertical. I keep mixing up my axes.)

They all add up to 1022 queries. In hindsight, I should’ve analyzed two more queries to reach a perfect 1K (1024), but it’s too late for that.

Without further ado, here are the charts. Click on the pictures for a higher resolution version.


Dislikes lead the list, followed by authors not respecting query guidelines. Requests are third in the list, or 11.4%.

If you’re interesting in knowing what is a short and long book according to agents who tweet their queries, check my blog post on Query Rejections Due To Word Count.

Anyway, here’s the same data represented as a pie.


For more details on what is considered dislikes, unexciting, saturated, etc., check each agent in my series here.

And, finally, here’s the table I used. Note that I had to consolidate some numbers (for instance, too telly was joined with bad writing, prologue dislike is part of general dislikes, and so on). Therefore the numbers may not exactly match what you have already seen in the series.


For more info on how the agents are distrubted in the united states, check my blog post O Agent, Who Art Thou?

The takeaway is that almost 70% of the rejections (or 711) are somewhat under your control. If you disregard dislikes, saturated and not for them (311, or about 30%), rejections such as not following query guidelines, bad writing, bad query, etc., are fixable. You only need to work on it through alpha and beta readers, gathering feedback from forums such as Reddit (including Brian’s PubTips) and absolutewrite.com.  And, of course, persistence.

That’s all folks!

“I know I half-assed this one, compared with the previous posts, but finishing the sequel is more important… right?” he said, taking a deep breath.

Yep, dialogues are hard.

I’m actively looking for agents and publishers for my book. More info here.

Default Disclaimer: I’m not a writer, I have a hard time paying attention to detail, I overuse adverbs, I start a lot of sentences with ‘I’, and I often confuse words that are similar. More importantly, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, in which case I’ll deny I ever wrote it. Please let me know if you find something that is too embarrassing. This blog is riddled with typos and creative grammar problems, but it’s mine. Luckily, I can always blame my mistakes on the fact that English is not my first language. Or hackers.


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