A Book Is Worth A Hundred Thousand Words

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Three years ago I wrote a book, and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Oh boy, how wrong I was. The novel’s premise was solid, but I had to learn a lot about writing before I could make it shine. So I spent the next years learning about adverbs, show versus tell, passive voice, tenses, etc. But the hardest lesson to learn was that people giving me constructive feedback did not actually hate me.

Worse, I’m from Brazil and English is my second language. As a non-native speaker, prepositions like “in” and “on” were especially hard to learn. But I’m *in* top of it now.

This week, the work finally paid off. I have signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press, and my debut novel “Challenges of the Gods” will be published in the next year or so.

Stranger from the internet: “Your use of adverbs… displeases me.”

Despite of what people may think, writing a book is far from being a lonely enterprise. A lot of people helped me, including my wife and kids, friends, co-workers, strangers from the internet, and professional editors.

Because of their feedback, my characters have more depth, my chapters flow better, and, more importantly, I learned to have thick skin. Uh… most of the time, anyway.

Don’t worry, I’ll let everybody know when the book is published. You’ll hear about it over and over again. I might even knock on your door one of these days to sell you a copy.

Thanks to my lovely daughter for the stick figures!

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