Enemy of the Gods Reviews & Awards

Click here for Challenges of the Gods reviews instead.

Enemy of the Gods won the Indie Approved Reader stamp, a 5-star Readers Favorite review, and a Literary Titan Silver Award.

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Editorial Reviews

A welcome change from the average laser-blasting SF–action protagonist.

Kirkus Reviews

Exciting, conceptual, gripping and fascinating, this is a novel that ticks all the boxes for a truly alien science fiction experience. Subverting so many of the traditional norms about alien wars, conquest and contact has enabled author C. Hofsetz to create a serious, credible and often quite frightening type of alien ‘god’.

5-star Readers Favorite Review

In a world full of parallel planets, biotech and alien gods, protector angels and the dead resurrected, author C. Hofsetz explores themes of what makes us conscious, love, loyalty and the meaning of death in ENEMY OF THE GODS.

IndieReader Review

He’s invested well in establishing his characters so that it not only matters what they do in battle, but how they do it and because of the multidimensional aspects of the players. There are issues at stake which are far greater than simply which side wins.

BookViral Review

This is a story about freedom and survival in a world or worlds that are rapidly changing. Enemy of the Gods is a book that you won’t want to put down until the last page. Then, you’ll be waiting with other series fans for the next installment. For anyone that is looking for a unique sci-fan book Challenges of the Gods is a great choice.

Entrada Book Reviews

Blog Reviews

Hofsetz’ writing is a blend somewhere between Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Connie Willis.

Paranormal Romance Guild.

“Words cannot express how fun, funny, and awesome this book is.”

Erin, The Wood Between The Worlds

Amazon Reviews

Sometimes with book series, as they gone on, the books get worse, but not with Challenges of the Gods! This book was amazing! When I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading the entire book.

Deb M.

This was a great sci-fi fantasy that was incredibly well-written and kept me reading and laughing, and I was happy with the ending. 


Goodreads Reviews

This book is a perfect blend of scifi, fantasy and dystopian fiction. The story captivated me from the beginning and the characters in the story are well developed. Fast paced and overall a good work of fiction.


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