Challenges of the Gods

My book was sold to The Wild Rose Press, and it’s in editing. There’s no date yet to publish it, although it should be ready in a year or so. Stay tuned!


Sometimes, Heaven is Overrated

After Mike goes through a gut-wrenching betrayal by his fiancée, he finds himself in what he thinks might be the afterlife. But this is no heaven: the gods made a mistake, created another Earth in a parallel universe, putting both universes in peril. They need someone from his planet to destroy the alternate, and Mike is randomly selected for the job.

Trapped in an impossible choice, Mike accepts his mission and is returned to an Earth—and a body—so unlike his own. There, he meets Jane, who is (unbeknownst to him) the secret leader of an organization bent on tracking down Earth’s saboteur. But Jane also doesn’t know who Mike really is, and the two find themselves falling in love. In the face of her passion for humanity, Mike’s resolve falters, and he’s no longer sure that destroying this alternate Earth is the right thing to do.