For Agents and Publishers

Prospective agents and publishers: my manuscript is unagented at the moment. If you’re interested, please contact C. Hofsetz directly here:

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Messengers of the Gods is a commercial science fiction thriller with series potential at 100k words. It’s currently going through another round of edits.

When 25-year-old neuroscientist Zeon wakes up on an alien planet, he thinks it might be the afterlife. But this is no heaven: It’s a world fabricated by the gods to warn humans about their upcoming doom.

The gods made a mistake by creating another Earth in a parallel universe, and its existence makes the universe unstable. The only way to fix it is to send Zeon to this accidental Earth to destroy it by creating a tiny black hole. But this Earth is as populated as his own, and it takes all of Zeon’s effort to remind himself that everyone here would die anyway should the universe collapse.

As Zeon works behind the scenes of a local particle collider to create a planet-killing black hole, he meets Jane, an engineer at the collider and (unbeknownst to him) the secret leader of an organization bent on tracking Zeon down and killing him. Despite this task, Jane doesn’t know who Zeon really is, and the two find themselves falling in love. In the face of Jane’s passion for humanity, Zeon’s resolve falters, and he’s no longer sure that destroying this alternate Earth is the right thing to do.

Absent their infiltrator, the gods take matters into their own hands—proving not only that they have been lying to him, but that they have a goal even more insidious than the destruction of Jane’s world.