Challenges of the Gods

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messengers-of-the-gods-unagented-75After twenty-five-year-old Zeon goes through a gut-wrenching betrayal by his fiancée, he finds himself in what he thinks might be the afterlife, assuming he died in a car crash. But this is no heaven: it’s an alien planet belonging to creatures who call themselves “gods.” The gods made a mistake, created another Earth in a parallel universe, putting both universes in peril. They need someone from his planet to destroy the alternate, and Zeon is randomly selected for the job. But this accidental Earth—our Earth—is as populated as his own, and destroying it would mean murder on a massive scale.

Trapped in an impossible choice, Zeon accepts his mission and is returned to an Earth—and a body—so unlike his own. His alter-ego is hired by a local particle collider, where Zeon is to create a planet-killing black hole. There, he meets Jane, an engineer and (unbeknownst to him) the secret leader of an organization bent on tracking Zeon down. Still, Jane doesn’t know who Zeon really is, and the two find themselves falling in love. In the face of her passion for humanity, Zeon’s resolve falters, and he’s no longer sure that destroying this alternate Earth is the right thing to do.

Absent their infiltrator, the gods take matters into their own hands—proving not only that they have been lying to Zeon, but that they have a goal even more insidious than the destruction of Jane’s world. Only one of the Earths will be allowed to survive, and if Zeon won’t complete his mission, the gods will.

Messengers of the Gods is a commercial science fiction debut with suspense elements and series potential, complete at 109k words.