Challenges of Writing

Software engineering and computers have been my passion since I was a teenager, but the truth is I’ve been reading science fiction books for longer than writing code.

Then one cold afternoon in November, as I was jogging, my stupid brain came up with a fantastic world of gods meddling with humans. You know, despite our difference of opinions, my brain and I think a lot alike.

After I got home, I couldn’t help it and wrote a chapter. How bad could it be? Other people managed to do it and go back to their daily lives. No harm, no foul. I just wanted to experience it.


Perhaps I could be a casual writer, or do it for fun once in a while. A paragraph here or there wouldn’t make me an addict. Brainstorming names is usually not frowned upon–I could pretend they were baby names–and normal people research restaurants and places for other reasons than visiting or having dinner, right? I told myself I wasn’t hurting anyone (yet), and I’m sure it’s considered legal in a few states.

But things escalated quickly. Next thing I know I was writing yet another chapter, and then the next. And the next. I tried to hide it, but my family knew I was up to something. Money was disappearing into writing plugins, helping writing forums and even–gasp!–a writing conference.

When they figured out what I was doing it was too late: I accidentally had written a whole book.

This blog describes my journey of writing and publishing my first book.

Challenges of the Gods is my soon-to-be-published Science Fiction & Fantasy novel.

Stay tuned for updates.