Enemy Of The Gods

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Enemy of the Gods: Sometimes, Dreams are Overrated (Challenges of the Gods Book 2) by [C. Hofsetz]

Enemy of the Gods picks up where Hofsetz’s previous book, Challenges of the Gods left off. The book begins with antihero Zeon imprisoned and alone on a planet with his trusty cat-like robot Harry for company. Assuming he has left his previous existence behind him, Zeon has settled into a sense of normality. Obviously, that doesn’t last long when a missile drags Zeon back into a life he thought he had left behind. The opening chapter was an excellent introduction to the book that made me keep reading for the next few hours. A cat robot that can speak to missiles – now that’s cool!

The story itself really flows nicely, and much of the imagery depicted by Hofsetz really helps bring the lands of Pangea and umpteen parallel worlds to life. Zeon himself is kind of a bumbling nuisance, but you can’t help forming a soft spot for him. Humour…

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