KIRKUS REVIEW for Enemy of the Gods

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Sometimes, Dreams are Overrated.

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The pages that follow offer all sorts of SF wildness involving parallel universes, wacky outfits, a “bug general,” and loads of action involving hyperspheres—“holographic environments inside Pangea, created by the messengers of the gods.” From the outset, the narrative is as complex as it is ambitious. Readers learn much about Pangea and the rules that govern a place so fantastical and dangerous. Although a plethora of characters march through the story, the focus remains on quirky Zeon, who’s hardly a stereotypical action hero: He doesn’t care for killing, he likes his alcohol sweet, and his idea of great sexual activity involves tickling. In a world that’s dense with rules and conflict, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is, in other words, a welcome change from the average laser-blasting SF–action protagonist. Following his journey isn’t always easy, but it never fails to entertain.

Kirkus Reviews

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