Believability is Overrated

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C. Hofsetz

First of all, a shameless plug: check my debut Science Fiction and Fantasy novel Challenges of the Gods!


Books that overuse adverbs or are in present tense never bother me. On the other hand, plot holes and weak plot devices are annoying, especially in Science Fiction. Yet, despite the fact they distract readers, and sometimes break the suspension of disbelief, novels with blatant problems may still become best sellers.


davincicodeLouvre’s glass pyramid actually has 673 panesof glass

I’m not talking about smallish things like the ones in The DaVinci Code, where most of the puzzles were easy to solve (like anagrams), making me wonder why they baffled people through the ages, or getting the number of glasspanes wrong. It’s about major logic flaws that you keep hoping will be explained at any moment, but you finish the book and there’s no closure, leaving you with the feeling that…

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